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R1865 - Orvis by Hardy Bros.

CFO III fly reel and CFO III spare spool. Early 1970's model which had a screw through the back plate to hold the spindle. Diameter is 3 inches. Line weights 4-6. Two hole smooth aluminum reel foot. LHW/RHW reversible. Both reel and spare spool include line and backing. Sound mechanically with some rim finish wear. The spool has minor finish wear. Includes brown suede pouch which holds both reel and spool. 

  • Listed: 4/11/2018
  • $285.00
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C. Farlow and Co. London

R1722 - C. Farlow

Army & Navy CSL London Salmon reel. Diameter measures  3 1/2 inches with wide drum. Nickel silver spool screw. The smooth brass reel foot has 4 screws. The serial number A 2217 is stamped on the side of the reel foot. The inside winding plate has the Farlow's "Holdfast" trademark. The number 1 is stamped on the crank plate, the spool and inside tensioner plate.  Brass strapped tensioner. Gunmetal finish. Scratched on the side plate is M de P and 1920. We believe this reel dates to be early 1900s. Very good condition.

  • Listed: 4/13/2018
  • $465.00
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R1900 - C. Farlow

C. Farlow & Co London salmon reel. Farlow's Holdfast trademark is on the side plate. Diameter measures 4 1/2 inches. Ivorine winding knob. Nickle silver spool screw. Smooth brass reel foot.  Gunmetal finish. Very good condition.

  • Listed: 4/13/2018
  • $425.00
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Hardy Bros. English Crafted

R1902 - Hardy Bros.

Uniqua Fly Reel. Diameter measures 2 5/8th inches. Duplicated Mark II.  Ribbed brass foot. Telephone latch, ebonite knob, RHW. Maker's initials RR (Robert Richardson) etched on the inside plate. The telephone latch registered design 734897 was used from 1934 to 1949. Very good condition mechanically with  some normal finish wear. Included is an incorrect but age appropriate Hardy reel box.

  • Listed: 4/16/2018
  • $650.00
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R1898 - Fin-Nor

Model #3. Anti-Reverse. RHW.   Fly reel and spare spool. Excellent reel for tarpon and salmon. The reel has line.  Spools holds 250 yards of 20 # backing plus 40 yards of fly line. Includes original cardboard box, pouch, paperwork and spare spool with pouch. The reel is in excellent condition with minor rim rub. The spare spool is in very good condition.

  • Listed: 4/18/2018
  • $450.00
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