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Rick's Rods, owner of the Phillipson® Rod Company, is the world's source for original Phillipson® "Made in USA" fiberglass rod blanks and components manufactured from the late 1940's through 1974. We own the Phillipson trademarks for the United States and Japan.

Bamboo Fishing Rods

BF1231 - Phillipson

9', 3/1 Powr Pakt weighing 5 5/8 oz. HCH Line weight-6. The rod was crafted between 1952 and 1953. Down-locking no rock aluminum anodized reel seat. The wraps are golden yellow nylon tipped with black. Includes original Phillipson cloth bag and aluminum tube. Fair condition for the following reasons:  the rod was stored in its aluminum tube in a humid climate which resulted in "bag burn". We are selling this as is.  The varnish finish will polish out, the cork grip will clean up as can be seen in the images, the tip section can be straightened. 

BF1432 - Phillipson

9', 3/2 Paragon  model, weighing 5 5/8 oz.,  HCH or 7 line weight. "Made from good grade imported Tonkin Cane, split with the grain for strength and resiliency.  Full wells cork grip.  Black plastic no rock reel seat with aluminum hardware.  Gold tone thread.  Includes replacement bag Victory cardboard tube. Very good condition with the exception that 1 tip is 1/2 inch short the mid appears to be 1/4 inch long. The wraps have been over-varnished. 

BF2003 - Phillipson

8'6", 3/1 Peerless Dry Fly Special. Impregnated cane.  This rod will cast a 6 line weight.  Torpedo cork grip. The guides are wrapped using Henna brown with a yellow spiral. Nickel silver ferrules sizes 12 and 18. Burgundy anodized down-locking no-rock reel seat. Includes replacement Phillipson cloth bag and original labeled aluminum tube. The condition is very good.  

BF2062 - Phillipson

8'6", 3/2 Peerless "63" Impregnated, Dry Fly Special, 5 1/2 oz., oz., line #7. This rod was crafted in 1963. The Perfection hard chrome snake guides are wrapped with Pacific green nylon thread with a short spiral. Torpedo cork grip. The reel seat is bronze anodized aluminum no-rock that was crafted by the late Paul Hightower. The nickel silver ferrules are sizes 12 and 18 with witness marks. Included are the original cloth bag and labeled Phillipson aluminum tube. One tip is 2 1/2 inches short. The condition is very good.

BF2063 - Phillipson

7'8" 4/1 Smuggler crafted in 1952. Weighing 4 3/4 oz. Line weight HDH (6). Full wells cork grip. Aluminum no rock reel seat anodized green with black hardware. Nickel silver ferrules sizes 10, 15 and 19 with wittness marks.  Wrapped with green nylon thread tipped with black thread. (same as Pacemaker green thread) . Includes original cloth bag and aluminum tube. Very good original condition.

BF2061 - Phillipson

7'6', 2/2 Preferred "A very high grade anglers' model. Rich color. Weighing 3 3/4 oz. Line weight HEH 4/5 trout action. This rod was crafted from 1954 through 1960. Aluminum no rock reel seat anodized champagne with black hardware. The wraps are silk "burnished golden" thread tipped with black. Wraps have ambered with age.  Nickel silver ferrules size 13. Includes original cloth bag and square aluminum tube with cap. One of the tip sections has a blind wrap.

Fiberglass Rods

FF310 - Phillipson

5'6", model P52 bait casting rod. Featured in Phillipson catalogs from 1951 to 1954. Early tubular brown fiberglass (Trevarno) blanks. Hard chrome plated ring guides and tip tops wrapped with green thread with spiral. New spring "snap action" locking reel seat. Offset handle of light weight, smooth streamlined construction. This new offset handle (snap action lock) is easy to use. Just pull out end cap and let it snap back and your reel is locked into position. This rod appears to have never been fished. This rod was crafted between 1952 and 1954.

FF320 - Phillipson

6'4" Scout TS64LS Lures to 3/8 oz. These superb rods are noted for their top performance. Casting rods feature detachable handle of colorful cast aluminum, redesigned to accommodate all the new "Push-Button" reels, with positive reel locking device. Spin cast rods have 5 chrome-plated guides wrapped in blue thread tipped with red painted rings. This rod was crafted between 1957 and 1958.

FF370 - Phillipson

This Shorty fiberglass rod was originally built to test cast Johnson reels on Phillipson offset bait casting grips. If you already have a Phillipson rod with a detachable grip, you can use it with a shorty rod. We do not sell Phillipson offset baitcast grips separately from rods. However, we have available Wright and McGill offset grips with 3 jaw chuck collets like Featherweight Champion. They are priced at $35. We also have new old stock Featherweight Champion grips priced from $95. The price of the Shorty rod is $150 without a grip.

FF391 - Phillipson

9'6", 2/2 EF96 Epoxite fly rod. This rare rod was crated by Phillipson between 1970 and 1972 (before 3M purchased Phillipson) and comes with 2 tips. The rod weighs 4 1/8 oz. and will cast a line weight 5. The blank was painted a salmon color and wrapped with dark brown nylon thread with a white ring. Two carbide guides, 1 spiral guide on the butt, 7 Perfection snakes and tip top on each tip section. Cigar cork grip with cork insert reel seat and anodized aluminum hardware. Includes original cloth bag and anodized aluminum tube. This rod came from Bill Phillipson's personal collection. Bill's son, Don, sold it through Len Codella. Included are a letter of provenance signed by Don June 27, 1994 and photo of Bill. This rod is mint un-fished.

FF393 - Phillipson

Regal Lancer RL90MS, 9', perfect action for salmon and steelhead fishing and mooching. This rod was crafted from 1957 thru 1960. Cork grip is 16 inches long with a 4 inch fore grip. Anodized 5 inch aluminum reel seat. Blank is painted a metallic golden copper tone color. The hard chrome plated guides are wrapped with black Vinyl coated nylon thread with white spiral trim. New old stock never fished. This rod comes from Bill Phillipson's personal collection. However, no letter of provenance is included.

FF481 - Phillipson 3M

8'6", 1 tip. EF86 3M Epoxite Registered (no number) Dark Brown Epoxite rod is made of SCOTCHPLY. a uni-directional, unwoven fiberglass with epoxy resin. The free-flexing, internal design glass ferrules give the rod the appearance and feel of a one piece rod (spigot ferrule). Ceramic stripper. Guides wrapped with dark brown thread.  Weighs 3 1/2 oz. This rod will cast a 7 or 8 line weight line. High quality cigar shaped cork grip. Anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat. Includes original Phillipson cloth bag and labeled aluminum tube. Very good condition with the exception of the blind wrap on the butt section.  This will not affect the fishability.

FF593 - Phillipson

Stream Knight SK4. Spinning rod. 6'4" Lures to 3/8 oz. Sliding real-lock anodized green reel seat. Long cork grip with original price sticker $16.95. Nickel silver ferrules size 17. Green nylon thread wraps with painted trim rings. Gold plated Perfection spinning guides and tip top. Early brown (Trevarno) fiberglass painted light metallic green. This rod was offered in the 1958-59 catalog. Includes Scotch plaid fiber case. Very good condition.

FF640 - Phillipson

8' Johnson Profile Model 6F80 . The rod weighs 4 oz. Line 7 . The blank and ferrules were painted a natural brown color with black spiral thread wraps. Carbide stripper guide and tip top. Nickel silver painted ferrule size 18.  Cigar cork grip.  Black anodized no rock aluminum reel seat. Includes Phillipson replacement cloth bag and replacement aluminum tube.  The condition is very good with some minor paint scuffs.


PTC12 - Phillipson

Moss color. 100% premium cotton twill. Relaxed, classic profile. Fabric closure with rustproof buckle.

PTC13 - Phillipson

Khaki color.  100% premium cotton twill. Relaxed, classic profile. Fabric closure with rustproof buckle.

PTC14 - Phillipson

Pumpkin color. Made in Denver, Colorado USA by Imperial Headwear. 100% premium cotton twill. Relaxed, classic profile. Fabric closure with rustproof buckle. 

PTC19 - Phillipson

Vegas gold color. 100% premium cotton twill. Relaxed, classic profile. Fabric closure with rustproof buckle.