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Phillipson 3M

ES66 Registered Epoxite Spinning Rod. Weighing 4 1/4 oz. Lures thru 3/8 oz. 6-10 Lb. line. Cork fore and rear grip with anodized aluminum butt cap. Down-locking, double nut anodized aluminum hardware over cork insert reel seat. Perfection WCSL guides with Mildrum carbide tip top.  Epoxite rods were wrapped with  Gudebrod nylon thread, size A, NCP #3274. Fiberglass ferrule.  Special brown color. Includes original cloth bag and labeled aluminum tube.  The rod is in overall very good condition with some minor paint scuffs and some scuffing on the butt cap, on the reel seat threads and locking nuts. sold

Price: $250.00

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