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Vintage Bamboo Fly fishing rods and Reels:

We are looking for high quality bamboo fly fishing rod collections, large or small. We are paying higher prices for 8 foot and shorter bamboo fly fishing rods. Some of the makers' rods we want are:

Abercrombie & Fitch, Arend, Aroner, Baginski, Brandin, Carlson, Carmichael, Carpenter, Clark, Dickerson, Eden Cane, Edwards, Garrison, Gillum, Goodwin Granger and Wright & McGill, Halstead, Hardy, Howells, Jenkins, Jennings, Kube, Kusse, Leonard, Maxwell, Moran, Morgan, Orvis, Phillipson, Payne, Powell, Summers, F. E. Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, Winchester, Winston, Whitehead, Wojnicki, Young, etc.

We are also buying quality modern and vintage fly reels such as Abel, Ari T. Hart, Alcedo, Fin Nor, Hardy Bros., Ballan, Bellinger, Bogdan, Leonard Mills, Meisselbach, Mitchell, Peerless, Robichaud, Saracione, Talbot, Vom Hofe, A. L. Walker, Winston Perfect, Zwarg etc.
Rick's Rods, owner of the Phillipson® Rod Company, is the world's source for original Phillipson® "Made in USA" fiberglass rod blanks and components manufactured from the late 1940's through 1974. We own the Phillipson trademarks for the United States and Japan.

We can meticulously craft rods according to Phillipson catalog specifications utilizing authentic components. We also offer Phillipson fiberglass blanks and components.

We repair and refinish bamboo and fiberglass rods. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

Consignment Policy:

Listed below are some of the reasons you should consider consigning your collectible vintage fishing tackle with Rick's Rods.
  • Web site since 1997.
  • Retail shop location. This is our full time business.

Security features:

  • Monitored burglar alarm system.
  • Fireproof floor safe.
  • Insurance for property of others while tackle is in our possession.
  • Bars on the windows of our shop.
  • Sliding scale consignment fee. Higher fee for lower priced items and lower fee for higher priced items (as low as 10%).
  • Proven ability to sell higher priced vintage tackle.
  • References available upon request.
About Us
In January 1997, Rick Gottdenker and his partner, Marilyn Richter, purchased vintage rod building supplies and equipment from Bob's Tackle in Denver, Colorado. Including thousands of Phillipson fiberglass rod blanks and Wright & McGill bamboo fishing rod sections. This location had been a tackle and rod building shop for the past 45 years under different owners. In 1974 Bob and Betty Malara bought the building on Tennyson Street and its rod building supplies and components which had been previously been owned by Fred DeBell, Van Meter and others.
Due to rapid turnover of our inventory, we need high quality vintage fishing tackle to replace sold items.